UK - 50pk Verbs BOGOF at Staples



The Verbs are back on offer at Staples again, unfortunately only at £14.99 for 2 50pks.

I got:

1 50pk MIJ T03
1 50pk MIT MCC004
1 50pk MIJ TYG03
1 50pk MII MCC03RG20

They are all new packaging, but they had some old in the mix too.

The woman at the counter asked why they were in different shape tubs. I just said I didn’t know :slight_smile:


Oh crap. Missed this by 5 days, I was in there on the 10th too, stupid Staples starting their sales too late :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe I can persuade my mum to give me a lift there on Monday. Can never have enough MCC004 :smiley:


Managed to get a lift to Staples, but another CDFreak must have got there first :sad:

No DVD-R at all in 50 packs, and only two spindles of MIJ +R in the new packaging, so I gave it a miss.

First time I’ve left Staples without any media :eek: