UK - 25DVDR for 97p @ currys

Currys have PC-Line DVDR at 0.97 for 25 discs, upto 5 packs can be ordered each time.

However they seem to be out of -R, just +R left. (standard del is £2.99)

same as pc world never any in stock always sold out

^ Yea the 50 pack imations for 97p, never in stock, and PCworld stores stopped selling them months ago. Probably had a tiny quantity they needed to shift.

Oh they probably are discontinued stock, still I’ve ordered 5 tubs okay, and so have several peeps on another forum (only the -R were sold out when I got round to ordering)

From another forum

if a DSG price ends xx.97 rather than xx.99 then it is code for discontinued/clearance item

The cheap prices are most likely to clear out stock and don’t last long after being posted to bargain forums :slight_smile:

THanks for the info, missed both the - and +, 97p is a very good price even if they are pc line.