Ujda 755 superslim cd/dvd drive

This is my first post, so hello everybody.

this drive in my toshiba portege A200 has died. I have been looking on Ebay and the only ones I can find are out of sony, ibm or gateway.
Can anyone tell me if any if these would be ok to put in my toshiba. The ones from gateway look almost identical. Any ideas. Thanks. RMT.

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replacing a notebook drive isn’t easy at all.
There are basically two issues that might prevent proper operation:

[B]- drive configuration: [/B]
Notebook drives have their master/slave settings buried in the firmware, so you have to find out the setting of your original drive. Changing these settings with a new drive can be a pain :eek:

[B]- mechanical restrictions:[/B]
Many notebook drives have a custom faceplate, some others have standard plates. Custom faceplates can often be removed and installed at another drive.

In addition, Panasonic/Matsushita drives aren’t known to be very reliable. I personally would suggest some NEC/Optiarc or Lite-On, since there is at least some support and tools available. For Panasonic: nada.


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