UJ-830B won't recognise on acer

Hi, I have just purchased a second hand Panasonic UJ-830B DVDRW Drive. I installed it into my acer travelmate 240 laptop but it will not recognise in the bios or in windows. A drive comes up in windows but says please insert a disk.

Thinkin the drive was faulty I installed it in my Acer Centrino and it worked a treat? Is there a problem with my acer 240? It currently has a CDRW which works fine.

Please Help!


Probably master/slave settings conflict on your Acer 240.

Harddisc and UJ-830B set to same setting. One must be master and other slave.

Ahh right makes sense! I take it its easier to change hard drive or cdrom? My hd is master. Thanks

I don’t think it’s easy to change master/slave setting at the UJ-830B. Try to change the harddisc to slave if you can.

Right i tried removing my hard drive and just leaving cdrom in. It still does not appear in the bios? Is this strange? Or should i try changing the hard disk to slave and try alongside each other? Thanks

Update: I tried changing my toshiba drive to slave and the conputer will not recognise my drive? What is going on? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks

Your UJ-830B don’t seem to be compatible with the Acer 240.

I have now tried it in a friends centrino. It will not detect in the bios but will function in windows? Strange?

Are there bios updates for my machine available to make it work or am i going to have to fork out for another burner?


Acer Travelmate 240. http://support.acer-euro.com/drivers/notebook/tm_240.html

Cannot get the bios updates to work. I tried it in windows and it said power eeror. I am really pulling my hair out on this one. Why would they recognise in windows on the other laptop but not in bios or boot with a bootdisk in???

Thanks in advance

I have now updated the bios but still wont read DVDRW. Please Help!

Check master/slave status in bios.

Check with working cdrw first and change cdrw to dvdrw and check bios again.

The current CDRW is master IDE1

DVDRW wont read in bios? Is there any other way of checking? Thanks

What can I say.

I’m stumped lol!

Can i maybe change it from master to slave or vise versa? Only Promlem is i dont know how. Cheers, Ian

You have to have the correct OEM Acer firmware or it will never work.