UJ-822S flash on 822-Da drive

How important is the suffix ‘S’ on the Matshita UJ-822S firmware update at http://forum.rpc1.org/dl_firmware.php?download_id=2213 ?

I have a Sony Vaio T2 and this is the closest match of firmware I can find for the internal UJ-822-Da drive.

Will this completely screw up my drive if I flash it?


Please look again!

There is no firmware, and even more no firmware for your SONY OEM.

There is …
Sony posted a firmware update for their firmware for the 822s so there IS a firmware.

When and where?
Surely not at the time this thread were created…


BTW a firmware upgrading the 822s@832s would be really cool :wink:

Not with Matshita based drives yet…

Still no update on this matter ?

Check this out, I heard it works for UJ-822s