Uhg! I just got the 716SA (SATA) Internal writer....no Detection in XP!?!?!

OKay…so I was pretty jazzed getting this burner today. I go ahead and put into my system…

I have an Abit IC7-G motherboard w/ bios 27…they have a bios 28 but for some reason I can’t d/l it from abit…??..

anyways…to make a long story short…this drive only detects in BIOS but not in XP PRO w/ SP2. I’m am baffled. I’ve spent all damn day trying to get this drive to detect in xp pro and NOTHING! yet…I can boot from it during post and BIOS will detect it as well. I have my WD Raptor HD running off of the Sata plug-in right next to the one I’ve plugged the Burner into. So…

I"m so confused! I’ve read …so far…nothing but bad things about this drive now I know why!

Can you help me??

I have the latest 875P chipset drivers and all the XP pro updates. I’ve never had such an issue before…nor w/ Plextor.


Do you know what Sata controller you have the Plextor on Intel or Promise? Can you post a Nero Info tools from Nero CD-DVD-Speed, Go to configuration and save to file and Post here with wrap code tags. drpino suggested uninstalling the Intel App accelerator that would be a good start and all Bios IDE settings to Auto. If you have Nero installed remove the serial number.:slight_smile:

I see. Well I tired that whole removing the Intel driver and using the other driver… And…no good. I did a scan for HW change…found nothing. Yet once again…there it is…clearly being detected in bios. I have 2 controlers on my board. Both controlers consist of 2 SATA connectors. The bottom Connectors are the Silicon ones I believe…and the top 2…the ones that I have my WD raptor and my Plextor hooked to are just regualr ICH5 Intel satas. See I find it odd becuase here I am all perfectly fine w/ my SATA WD 74 gig HD. If there was an issue w/ perhaps drivers or even the connectors…I wouldn’t be able to boot w/ this HD w/ my os on it.

uhg…what could this be!?

And you know what the worst part of all this is…I’ve anticipated Battlefield2 forever…and there it is in the corner of my desk (the dvd version) Mocking and laughing at me becuase I have no dvd rom drive.


Hrm…well I got it to detect in XP now. I switched over to the Silicon Controler…and well…it detects…but NOW in BIOS it doesn’t detect only XP pro w/ sp2.

And I’m trying to install BF2 game…and then says that it failed to install…right when the DVD rom begins to spin up.

eeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr :a

have you checked your bios to see if the onboard controller can be switched from raid to ide mode?

I’m not famaliar with the bios of your motherboard.

I know even tho the bios picked mine up I had to load the proper drivers, like my onboard promise controller includes drivers for using the controller as RAID and as IDE two seperate drivers.

I have it set to IDE and Automatic. Rather than Enhanced. I get the same results by going to enhanced so i just leave it on Auto. But yea…its set to IDE not RAID.