UHF, need to encode DivX and/or VCD

Please help me, I ripped the Weird Al movie UHF (1989, I don’t think they made any more copys of the video after that, it will probably never come out on DVD) from my VCR with my Radeon 64 Meg DDR. I would like to compress it into divx and/or VCD the problem is I just have the file sitting on my HD, 4.5 gigs. I cannot encode this with any software I have tried because it is and .mp2 mpeg-2 videos. FlaskMPEG will open it, but will not convert itto DivX because of the Progressive mode problem. If anybody knows how I can either convert the videos to divx/vcd OR just an .mpg file I would appreciate it. Please email sshaw@alcoaschools.net if you can help

just use virtualdub
for info go to


i couldn’t open it with virtualdub