UHD HDR Playback Options


I am guessing lossy Atmos. No one streams lossless Atmos and I don’t suspect Apple will be a first in that department. That said, the fact that the AppleTV 4K is now the only streaming box with support for both Dolby Vision and Atmos coupled with the free upgrade of iTunes purchases to HDR/Atmos based on availability it could be the last stop for me. I have been using it since it launched last year and a nice chunk of my 1000+ title collection has been upgraded which is tough to argue. The video quality is still not quite as good as disc, but it is very close. Close enough that I could pretend to be ignorant of the differences. Atmos is the final piece of the puzzle for me. The only reason I would continue to purchase some discs is for extended versions not available in HDR on the AppleTV.

The real question as you pointed out is what this will mean for other applications. Infuse handles lossless via PCM, but that doesn’t work for Atmos or DTS:X. Whether the AppleTV will suddenly inherit lossless bitstreaming is what I want to know.


I expect the same in lossy. Should still be good though. The dynamic range of DD+ lossy Atmos on VUDU is there. I expect Apple to exceed VUDU quality. It’ll be real close to disc.

I’m in the same boat. I’ve built a 1,000+ iTunes library along side my 1,000+ server library. I could pull the switch any given day.

If we just take the iTunes source and the servers go away, then what infuse has access to or not becomes a moot point as well. Decisions.

I’m in the Infuse beta program so I’m real eager to see what they say about it once they get their hands on the OS build.

I’m increasingly finding movies on streaming UHD that are not on disc as well. Me, Earl, and the Dying Girl being the most recent. By my check today, iTunes has 495 movies in UHD. 382 are DV. 106 are HDR10.


i’ll keep purchasing physical media for the better vid quality and the ownership aspect. just dont like a model where my content can be taken away and/or an ecosystem i am tied to.

was hoping 4K content could be de-DRMd. wonder too if apple supporting atmos will push atmos ahead of dts:x.

but eventually does not matter. physical media is in the final throws in my opinion. i do hope that for those rare movies, we have truly special editions like the criterion collection series for collectors


please post your Dune review when you have it! while i find it hard to beat Jriver (jmone1 and i sound like salesmen for Jriver!) i am always looking for excellent all in one. so far i have not found one that doesnt fall down somewhere for playing my varied content. the dune spec wise should do it all!



Well, I wouldn’t go that far…


For my better understanding - you can rent or buy movies on iTunes. If you buy a movie - do you have to stream the movie or can you also download it? If a download is possible - where can I save all the data of the movies?

Actually I use my OPPO 203 and my Synology NAS.


Google is your friend:

Google Backup iTunes Movies


iTunes 4K is streaming only.

Downloads are limited to HD.


OK - thank you!


My understanding is that Plex on Xbox One doesn’t support Atmos?

My Plex server seems to always transcode TrueHD and Atmos audio to DD5.1 when streaming to the Xbox, does yours do that same?


Latest update on the Dune HD Pro 4k player that I got is Jun 24 to Jun 30. Has anyone heard anything different?