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I like to ask a question, it only slightly off topic for this discussion. If this bothers anyone I guess I could start a new discussion but this seems to be the right group of people. I shopping for a new media player that handles the UHD 4k media that I’ve been “backing up”. I’ve been using my Oppo disc player which plays the files perfectly. It’s just not a friendly accessing my NAS or displaying the titles and information. What is everyone else using? I’ve been looking into the Dune-HD Pro 4k and the Zappiti One 4k HDR. The both use the same chipset and have almost the same specs. The new firmware for the Dune-hd pro 4k is going to give it access to Google Play apps and it comes with Netflix 4k support. Are there any better out there? Opinions anyone?

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The Zidoo X9 and Zidoo X7 Android players. They playback 4K HDR.
You can connect them to an SMB share on your NAS very easily. They have ethernet built in and are much cheaper than many other media players.

These players will also passthrough DTS-X, Atmos, DTS-HD, TrueHD audio for your home theater receiver.


You have to keep in mind that Microsoft changed and/or screwed up SMB shares in Windows 10 within the more recent yearly updates and patches. It’s not entirely an issue with any specific player as much as it is with the OS. I experienced it first hand. That is, if you are trying to or going to try to use SMB shares while using a Win 10 environment. If that is the case, you may want to research if others have had success with SMB shares and the players you are shopping around for alongside Win 10 and in what versions, so that there are no surprises for you down the road.

There are dozens of discussions that can be found on Google regarding this and potential workarounds.


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On the Media Player I recommend the Zappiti, cheap and simple, supports everything (even ISOS) also Dolby Vision comming update; downside is the interface is crap.
I use mostly my Oppo 203, I know that feeling of W10 SMB Shares…my “NAS” is just my regular gaming/editing PC with a couple of 8-12TB drives, so I use W10 and access SMB shares with my Oppo. How? I literaly spent MONTHS trying to get a workaround until I gave up and decided to build a separate machine with OpenMediaVault and a basic Pentium G4560 & 8 GB RAM and all that. To my surprise, whenever I had the OpenMediaVault machine turned ON, I could access from my Oppo to my SMB Shares on my Windows PC…that’s the weirdest thing ever. So at the end I just returned everything except the CPU and bought basic parts like 2GB RAM, cheap 450W PSU, Cheap Motherboard, cheap case so at the end it ended up 200€ the whole thing. I’m using OPMV with a small 5€ 16 GB USB 2.0 Stick, there isn’t even storage there. Whenever I want to stream my rips I just turn on both machines, not the most practical thing but still cheaper than a media player and you benefit from Oppo’s A/V capabilities. I hope this was of some help :slight_smile:


The W10 1803 SMB / Homegroup thing really isn’t even an issue.
Full-blown Windows sharing is still present and working.


I’ve also been looking at the Zidoo 9s which I thinks is the same box as the Dune-HD Pro 4k, same factory I think, same specs but the Zidoo is much cheaper. It’s on my list. The Zidoo X20 looks even better but not available yet. Thanks for the input.


Thought it might make more sense to have a separate topic for anyone interested instead of it being buried in the Title Support List thread mayhem.


Zappiti is getting Dolby Vision?


They announced it a couple of weeks ago, plus they repplied to an e-mail I sent them stating that they were working on it, they just have no idea when it will be ready :joy:


Sure maybe good idea, don’t know how this should be done!


spec wise the Dune 4K pro just released is the best all-in-one. i say that based only on specs. it plays all video and audio formats, including mvc 3D, full menu support if you so choose, has balanced XLR output (stereo only) from a fine DAC if you are into HD audio.

really it depends on if you want an all-in-one package or if you want a high degree of flexibility and what media types you need.

for max flexibility, a windows 10 PC with a core I7 and high end nvidia card you can run JRiver which will do everything that the Dune does and more! happy to provide you detsiled specs as this is my setup.

in my opinion runner up to the Dune is the nVidia Shield TV running Plex or Kodi. you lose some on the HD audio side since Shield is limited in audio sampling rate, e.g. nothing anove 96Khz stereo so if you listen to a lot of multichannel audio it will be downsampled. not a problem for movies as they are all typically 48Khz. same for the Apple TV4K, which is an excellent device coupled with the Infuse Pro app. integrates with Plex Media Server and plays back video using their custom player with broad video support. again you lose lut on HD audio for similar reasons to the Shield TV.

those zido players have some issues often discussed over at the Kodi Hardware forum. in fact i strongly recommend you spend time over there as you will find a wealth of information on just about any media player all in one solution

finally if you want a great kodi box try the Vero 4K. PM me and i will sell you mine for a reasonable price :slight_smile: i don’t use it. it is maybe a couple months old and was just a test box for me. it runs OSMC which is a version of Kodi and is well supported. but it is Kodi. no MvC 3D support (promised but never delivered), and as with all of the above except Jriver, HD audio compromises exist, e.g. no DSD/DSF multichannel support… i could go on and on here as i was in the exact same situation as you a couple years back.


Unfortunately no support for Dolby Vision on a Windows PC / media player. Actually the way to go is Oppo UDP203.


true. forgot about DV. i have watched a few on my Oppo 203 and i am not seeing much improvement over HDR10. my lg oled supports both. could be i need some additional calibration. don’t know. just was not really impressed with it yet.

DV is not currently supported in an MKv container either, but you can backup the disc to folder and have it preserved.

the oppo as a UI is just a terrible experience though. and you may have to deal with cinavia, which is enforced on all but the HDMI input according to Oppo. that includes from MKV files streamed over yor LAN.


A new russian firmware is available - including DV.
So you will get a perfect player with DV, ISO support and no cinavia - unfortunately also no movie wall.


I’ve never had cinavia trigger in MKVs or structure rips playing on my 203 over the network. I don’t think cinavia is actually enforced that way.


According to Oppo:

The 203 detects it on optical disc, USB hard drive, and DLNA, SMB and NFS networking.

These are the licensing rules. They get tighter every year.

Currently on the 203 Cinavia is not detected over the HDMI input, nor on HDMI ARC. That could change.

I’ve never tried a Cinavia infected MKV; there may be custom firmware out there that removes it. Glad it’s working for you, assuming you are actually playing a title confirmed with Cinavia. there are not many and I think it’s largely only used by Sony (figures).

Note that I asked Oppo this re: US players, but I have to assume it applies globally. Who knows…

Bill also maintains an official “unofficial” FAQ here:


My Oppo source is via email from Oppo themselves when I was deciding whether or not to purchase the 203. I did anyway :wink:


Hey thanks for all the great info. As it stands right now Dolby Vision is not an issue. My Samsung UN60ks8000 does not support it. When it comes time to replace it, I will make sure it’s supported. It’s also possible since all three Dune HD pro 4k. Zidoo X9s and Zappiti One 4K HDR use the same RTD1295 chipset that if one can get Dolby Vision that it may be possible for all three. I’m leaning toward the Dune HD Pro 4k, I’ve had a Dune HD Base 3D for years and it’s still going strong. I’ve read several reviews and the all showed the pro and con but 1 review went into great detail ( https://www.nikktech.com/main/articles/media-players/8905-dune-hd-pro-4k-premium-compact-media-player-review?showall=&limitstart= ), it really gave a lot of detailed information. Inventory in the US was going to end of May but nothing yet.


Here is the latest information I got on the Dube HD Pro 4k from the Dune Player WEB site.

Dune HD Pro 4K Release Information:

Dune released production plans in December of 2017 for the new Dune HD Pro 4K Android based unit.

Shipping update: 6/1/18

We know this is the last thing a customer wants to hear, but there is another delay in production. Here is what we know at this time from Dune directly.

Dune was/is waiting for Realtek to deliver the processors to the factory. As of this writing the chips are on the way and should be there this coming week. Once the chips have arrived the units will go to SMT production and finally assembly/QC. This whole process should take approximately another two weeks. We have had UPS SCS ready to pick up the freight and normal shipping time is around 4 days door to door. Every shipment we move from Asia, from every supplier, is air freight to avoid additional delays. The only thing we can promise at this point is delays will not be on our end. The orders will process and ship the minute they arrive. We will post any and all information as soon as it is provided by Dune. Again, we are sorry for these delays and we share in your frustration.


Apple’s announcement of Dolby Atmos support for the AppleTV 4K today may be the final nail in the coffin for me and physical media. Not going to happen anytime soon, but it could be withing the next year that I finally abandon shiny plastic discs and maintaining my own server.

On the plus side, I do hope this means Atmos output in programs such as an Infuse on the AppleTV. That would be really nice.


Debating what this means too. There was no mention of lossy vs lossless. I suspect though that they will quickly have the most Atmos content like they have the most HDR content now.

Infuse could end up going either way. Having Atmos doesn’t mean bitstream for Infuse. Xbox One right now supports Atmos. Using Plex you think you get Atmos but it’s not bitstream. It’s decode to PCM, remix to Atmos, then output. ATV could work the same way.