.UHA format



Hi everybody!

I have file with extension format .UHA but i don’t have any idea how to extract or burn it to the disc :confused: .

Is UHA is compressed files which need special software to decompressed? If indeed compressed files what type/kind of software will do the task for extracting to its original files?

thanks in advance and have a nica day :iagree:




uha is a compressed format. find winuha or the dos uha to unpack it


thank you so much…i will try it then… :bow:




Even gives download links.


UHA is the default extsion for UHARC
UHARC is a command prompt-archiver for personal use

you can find it in Attachments with sample batch file to extract your file
just edit the batch (change the Filename.uha with your file name)

Note :
file contents will be extracted to the path c:\

uharc.zip (97.1 KB)


But, the link above has a windows UHA decompressor, why switch back to command line?


All Gui tools also use the the orginal UHarc exe and pass commands to it
but most of them are not stable


Ahh right, fair enough. Guess you just can’t beat a good old command line program.


Hi Chriso and cMark…both your recommendation works fine it was really great tools.


Good to know, feel free to ask any other problems! :bigsmile:


Hi Chriso and cMark
i need help for burning cd …file(UHA)
i download file ( iso ) i burn to CD ( nero)
but this file nor raning with dos
this file after burning

what i can ??


what mean (change the Filename.uha with your file name)
thank you


.uha UHARC Compressed Archive


why thank you! :bow: :bigsmile:


i have a uha file (its a game) and i have downloaded UHARC GUI and i still dont kno how to make it work can someone please help me

thank u


Do not try and open the uha file with the game in it, some people have tried it and found a virus in the file and destroyed there HD. :frowning:


Hey cMark

i edit on DeCompress.bat

uharc.exe x -d1 -o+ -vm+ -tc:\mydata.uha

and myfile mydata.uha on c:\

and then i run file DeCompress.bat and then …silence

What happend??? help me :sad: :sad:


now i ready run DeCompress.bat

But it show “ERROR: No archive specified Process aborted.”

What happend??? help me :sad: :sad:


I can’t make it work ether… someone help me?


how can i check the packed uha files to make sure there’s no virus in? please help becaouse i have game in uha format