Hi guys, newbie question here.
I’ve got a really tight budget but I’ve finally bought myself a DVD burner, it’s the 20X LH 20A1p from Lite On, and I may have a problem.
My DVD-ROM is an old but indestructible I/O Magic 12X drive I bought in 2000 and carried over through all rebuilds since.
It still plays anything I throw at it but I may have gone over the limit here.
CDR AND CD-RW disks are no problem but what are the odds that this will play burned DVDs ?
Finding a firmware update for it is out of the question but I really hate to ditch a perfectly running drive.
Do I have to?

I can’t forsee a problem with it.

I thank you jhtalisman and so does my wallet!

You can use the LH 20A1p as reader if the I/O Magic 12X drive fail.

I know that the day will come but, please lord, not just yet.