Ugly BenQ Scan of TYG02 burned in LGH22N




In the last few days we had some great discussions here about home-made scanning in consumer drives vs. CAT.

Here’s another example of a crazy result.
There discs are genuine TYG02 from, written in a LG-H22N (fw 1.01) @ 8x.

The scans in my LiteOn are great, but look at the BenQ scan!! The worst scan I’ve ever done. :eek: :Z

The TRT on the H22N is good, aswell as on my Aopen 1648A DVD-Rom.
Only the BenQ shows trouble, in the scan and in the TRT.

A disc from the same spindle burned in my plex755A: here


A second disc, to underline the first one.
LG H22N 1.01
recorded @ 8x.


What about a LiteOn TRT?


My LiteOn is connected via USB, i don’t think i can get a smooth TRT, but I’ll try…



The missing LiteOn scan from the first disc…


The LiteOn scans look pretty similar to mine - whatever drive i use for TYG02. I have no complaints about my discs :slight_smile:


The BenQ is known for inaccurate scanning where there is high jitter. :frowning:


This true to a point, but his jitter is not >12 and this is usually when the BenQ goes nuts.

I have burned many TYG02 on my LG and scanned on my BenQ 1655 with no issues like that. I will burn and scan one in a little bit and see if it is a 1.01 firmware issue as I have not burned any TYG02’s with the new firmware yet.


Benq’s are not accurate scanners of LG burnt discs either :disagree:


But I thought this was limited to the Renesas chipset series (like H10N, H12N…) :confused:


Is the H22 not Renesas chipset? My mistake :doh:


You are correct they do have a problem with the Renesas chipset, if I remember correctly it is mostly with -R media?

Here is the burn and scan with a TRT I just ran, TYG02 @ 8x with LG 22n.

For reference a TYG02 burned back in Oct. 2006 with Firmware 1.00


There should not be an issue scanning these burns in a Benq, the jitter isn’t near high enough to create an issue.


Thanks for all your input.
Unfortunately, I really have no idea how this can happen, because:

  1. The jitter isn’t so high, to make the BenQ struggle. According to the LiteOn scan it’s pretty low…

  2. The BenQ should have no probs with scanning the burns of an LG with Panasonic chipset…

  3. The disc plays flawless in my 4 year old Panasonic DVD-Rekorder

So, maybe it’s an issue with the new firmware? :confused:

I would love to see a scan of yours with f/w 1.01!! :flower:

Is there somewhere a source for f/w 1.00?
AFAIK there isn’t…


This doesn’t come as a suprise to me from your tests. While the Benq scans are not great, I would not expect those scans and TRTs to often translate into playback problems in a standalone with decent tolerance. And although there are reported POFs in the first scan (at the same location as the highest PIF spike I’m assuming), combined with the other tests I wouldn’t be suprised if most players still read over that area without incident. In any event, the Benq is detecting something in the burns that is obviously not ideal for the media. Have any other TYG02 batches, to see how they test in comparison?


Not right now, only one 100 spindle…
But according to my results with the same spindle and my Plex (see the link in my first post) the discs should be more than just okay.


I see your point and I tend to agree, I was just curious to see how your LG burns would look from another batch if you had one. How about other media burned in the LG, is there a similarly large contrast between Liteon and Benq scans with other media?



Is it possible to run the Disc Quality test on your Aopen drive (yes, I know it is DVD-ROM, and results are not comparable, etc, etc), I’m curious to see how it reacts to the TYG02 burnt on LG, preferably at 16x.

Also, if you use Nero Drive Speed, you can force 16x TRT on the Aopen drive, 12x is [I]too[/I] easy for that drive :wink:


My first scan IS with fw 1.01 :slight_smile:

Or did you want another scan of something else??

Just let me know.


Hmm all I can think of is that these drives are not accurate for testing :stuck_out_tongue:

No home drives are. How can we even have Liteon and BenQ scans beside each other in the test section yet have them show ridiculously different results with the exact same disc?

Resort to a series of TRT and see if any discs are unreadable. Try about 4 drives if you can. Maybe there are slowdowns in the same spot as the Benq?