Ughh, looking for a decent software setup to do some audio ripping

I am looking at redoing my whole collection of music, about 70 gigs worth I am guessing(not at home to check). I have been using Music Match Jukebox(bought version) since about 00’. Overall I am quite happy with it. I have original CD’s for most of the collection that I currently have on my computer.

Most CD’s that I ripped I did in 160kbps. Some that I didn’t have the original cd for were done in 128-256 depending on the quality my friends ripped his in. I haven’t ripped my collection of cd’s in about 5 1/2 years, and back then storage space was kinda expensive.

I have been doing a lot of reading on different site’s, and so far I have found this one to be the most informational and fun to lurk in :slight_smile: so I had to join!

I’d really like some GOOD feedback on software such as MusicMatch Jukebox, Nero, Winamp, Roxio(I use to have roxio with one of my dell computers from about 4-5 years ago).

I’d like to know the differences and Pro’s & Cons’s of MP3, MP3 Pro, WMA, WAV, VBR(variable bitrate), CBR(constant bitrate).

If nothing else I would think to go to 192-320kbps and redo the collection. I would like to be able to use all my music on home stereo, car stereo, mp3 players etc. I am not sure if VBR is the way to go for me or CBR. I personally think the songs that I have that are in 160-192kbps are pretty good sounding.

The computer I have them on is a 1 yr old Dell 9150 with a 3ghz Pentium D processor. 1 gig memory and a 160gig hard drive; and I just added yesterday a Western Digital 250 gig hard drive and also an internal Samsung DVD burner. I bought the extra hard drive to put all my music that has been reripped on to(and maybe a DVD or two).

I’ll add more when I get home, need to get back to work. Thanks for any and all replies guys/gals. Appreciate it.

BTW- I did search, but didn’t find anything that matched my personal needs for info.

If you don’t want to spend any money, then the best way to go, would be:

For ripping, get MediaCoder (
For playing, get Winamp (

Usually I rip to MP3 @ 128-192 bitrate.
Though if you want better quality (but less compatibility), rip to Ogg Vorbis (.ogg).

It’s up to you :slight_smile:

I am willing to spend a few bucks. I read a little about Ogg Vorbis, but that isn’t a very compatible codec and won’t play on mp3 players. I currently have MusicMatch Jukebox, Nero both the paid for versions. I dont caremuch for winamp though. I am also looking for a program to edit some of the songs because of how long they such as Godsmacks “Voodoo” song that it is like 8 min’s long with a big gap inbetween. I dont’ think my MusicMatch has the ability edit songs, if anyone knows it would be great if you could tell me how.

In a vehicle or at home, can the avg person even tell the difference between 192kbps and 320kbps? I know between 128 kbps and 160kbps I have been able to notice a difference. Some of the 192’s I have sound pretty good, but I don’t have any 320’s ripped off hand to compare to.

EAC (Exact Audio Copy) and Cdex are two of the best Audio CD rippers and both free.

The reason I recommended MediaCoder, is because it’s an open-source alternative to any encoding/decoding you’ll need to do, for anything. DVD, VCD, audio, video, even videos on phones and iPods…

If you’re gonna really crank the songs on a system, then 320kbps is alright, but for most things , 192 is fine…

For editing sound files, try the free Audacity program. Or, your Nero might have come with a Wave Editor (my Nero Premium came with a wave editor)

Thanks guys, will have to check out.