Ugh! No! :(



Think my BenQ just died. Actually, I had my Lite-On LDW-451S in as the slave for the reader since I was messing with it some and was in the process of making a backup. Well, CloneDVD2 got done with the reading and kicked over the BenQ to do the burn and it stopped at 1%… ok, I thought it was a bad disc. Rebooted, did the same thing again and again, the BenQ stopped and hung at 1%. Ugh sigh… the other oddity is I popped the disc out of the Lite-On and the drive drawer got caught on it and is now stuck open and can not be closed. I’m wondering what happened? I haven’t left the BenQ in yet to test with it more - might do that this weekend. I’m hoping the BenQ is still alive and well and it was just the Lite-On that kicked the bucket and just had some ill side-effects on the my BenQ. I was just looking at the Nu Technology DDW-163 and Tiger Direct has the BenQ in stock as well for $49.99 after MIR ($69 without MIR)… teaches me to look at other drives! For now I got my NEC ND3500AG and Samsung CD-RW/DVD combo in the computer and will now do that backup using the drives instead…
sigh I hope I just didn’t lose my BenQ, I love that drive so much and really hate spending the money at this point in time to go and get a new one but if I must… ugh, ugh ugh! (The Lite-On wasn’t a big deal, rarely used for dvd burning as it sucked and it was just a LDW-451S@832S but the BenQ is the real loss here if it is dead!). :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:


Hi - losing the 1620 sounds a grim possibility. Have you unistalled all optical devices, shut down, removed all but the 1620, then rebooted & reflashed in safe mode?


Was this a drive you flashed to the Philips 3.0 firmware?


@Hef - Yes, this was the drive I flashed to Philips 3.0.

@shoarthing - not yet, I’ll try that this weekend but thanks for the suggestion. Hopefully it’ll live once again. If not I’ll have to order a Nu Tech DDW-163 from Newegg (Darn Newegg has NO BenQ’s in stock at all of any variety of their DVD-Burners…) or go for the BenQ from Tigerdirect with the MIR.


Newegg posted some refurbs of the 1620 this morning. Better Hurry! :bigsmile:



I’m really sorry to hear about your BenQ possibly dying on you. I hope that’s not the case. I wonder if that Philips firmware v3.0 had anything to do with it? Before completely throwing it away, you may want to clear your motherboard’s CMOS. Remove all your optical drives, clear the CMOS, re-attach your BenQ, reboot and go into your BIOS and setup everything in there again, and reboot into Windows. See if that helps. I don’t think this is your problem, but it’s worth a try. Let us know what becomes of your drive. :sad:


Will give it a shot, Socrates. Thanks and I never would’ve thought about trying to clear the CMOS on the motherboard but that is a great point and certainly will entertain the idea. On the positive side, the NEC ND3500A seems to burning very well for me. Did a few backups with it set as the Master drive and all burns came out playing perfectly in stand-alones and I’ve been using my “cheap” media just to really stress test it figuring it’s going to burn well on Ricohjpnr01’s and my TY 8x DVD+R’s when they finally get here. Disc types burnt on so far are Dupsonic 4x DVD-R (Vanguard) and Optodisc 4x DVD-R… so I can’t complain about the NEC in this respect but I want my BenQ back! hehe, will have to wait until the weekend probably or might do it after work in the next couple of days… crosses his fingers

@bluerazor: My BenQ is one of those refurbed drives. Only way I could get a black BenQ from Newegg. If I have to buy another BenQ 1620 I’ll buy the Nu Tech DDW-163 and cross-flash it to B7T9. At least then I’ll have a brand new drive. :wink:


What process did you use to flash it to 3.0? I used WinDWflash and 2.2 cvt rebooted and then flashed to 3.0 windows flasher rebooted. I noticed that when you flash it after 2.2 to 3.0 the red light didn’t blink so i waited till i got the prompt that it was finished. Hope your BenQ is ok. If you post your method of flashing maybe others will be aware. I close everything in the back ground and did not flash in safe mode.


I went straight from B7T9 to Philips v3.0 using the .cvt file and WinDWFlash. I didn’t even think about going to 2.2 first but since WinDWFlash said that the checksums matched and that it did succeed and then prompted that I needed to restart I assumed everything was ok. And it did work for the total of about 6-7 to burns without any problems.


It’s probably ok. You might try to flash it back to B7L9 to do the cleansing method or what ever your choice is and see. Seems weird that it worked and now it doesn’t. I forgot to post i went from B7P9 > 2.2 > 3.0. I’m going to run somemore tests on 2 disks i have and flash back. I’m not getting the same results as pinto2. My PIF’s are higher with 3.0 than B7P9. Maybe try 3.2 when it comes out. I saw Jan70 has that now and i guess they skipped 3.1


…hat over heart, tear drops on one cheek.

We hate to see these things go so young!


After clearing the CMOS and setting up again. . .
And confirming that the IDE cable hasn’t flexed one too many times. . .

Try flashing the BenQ with a DOS based flasher to see if that will clear it up.


So much for that. Newegg has the Nu Tech DDW-163 (BenQ 1620A) Black Retail boxed drive for $55.99 with $4 shipping/handling FedEX Super Saver. Couldn’t resist it for $59.99… sooooo, new drive on the way. Guess I can chuck my old refurbed BenQ in the trash. LOL


Save the faceplate…Some one might want it.


Have you tried The Dangerous Brothers 1.01 BenQ/Philips DOS flasher at top of this page ?

First flash back (in DOZE) to Philips 2.2 (.cvt) firmware and flasher from TDB link above.
Restart back to DOZE.
Then flash (TDB flasher) with B7T9 (.cvt) from here.

Note. I have crossflashed back- and forth THREE times now without any problem. :cool:

Hope it helps.

@ ALL. It has to be pointed out once more; don’t crossflash your drive! Using the wrong procedure can render your drive useless.
And whatever you do, don’t try Braxas “way” of crossflashing.


I got the NU DW163 rebadge from Newegg about Dec 28th. It’s fabulous!


Good luck with your new drive. I’m sure you’ll be happy with it. But in the meantime, I would try some of the options posted above. Try clearing the CMOS , the different crossflashes (in DOS of course) with .cvt files, etc. I wouldn’t give up without first trying some of these things. You have nothing to lose except some time. Let us know if anything worked.


hehe, might do that here if I get really bored (which happens a lot) since there is no point in throwing a good drive out the window. When I do this do you folks recommend letting that drive exist as the only drive in the computer while working on it? In otherwords, eliminate any and all possibilities.


Yes, that’s a good idea. Just throw the dead drive in there so that nothing else complicates the picture.


Might check her out now… got my UK original of The Entity sitting here that needs to be backed up and the drives are just freshly defragged as of today sooooo… what the heck. :wink: Something to goof around with.