Ugh, my 716a is going to be the death of me

I have been having some CD buring issues with my 716a and it got much better with me switching to Fuji CDs made in Japan so I decided to do some more testing with DVDs since I am a glutten for punishment. I used Neros ( create disk feature under its tools with Verbatim (which I had great success with previously) 8x +R MCC DVD and here are the results:

Scan 1

Scan 2

Can anyone tell me what is with all the PI/PO errors? Both disks start off so well and get to just over 2 GB and go to hell from there.

The system has an ASUS board with NForce2 chipset, but I am still using the Microsoft standard dual PCI ide controller drivers. Someone said they updated their NForce drivers to 6.x, but I could only find the slightly older 5.x. The OS is Win2k, btw.

Well that is a sorry looking scan. I had one like that and returned the drive here:
but if you have access to another computer it might be wise to give it a try on another system to verify it is the drive not the computer. looks like the drive is losing focus during a speed change, but it could be something to do with your machine as well. Your running standard IDE drivers so at least that part is out of the question. :slight_smile:

iT’S definitely related to the speed of the drive…

In the second scan the drive cuts back its speed for the last 500MB or so, and the PI errors drop dramatically thare. I’d put money on it that if he burned a disk at 8x the errors would be at an acceptable level. Think its time for an RMA.

Thanks for the responses :slight_smile:

Is there a way to tell Nero to limit the burn speed of the test data disk to only 8x? If so, I’ll have to try and limits it’s burn speed and see if the quality goes up. I just expected better quality from a 12x burn on high quality 8x disks, though.

File>Options>Standard Tests>Speed>Maximum, Current or Selected.

do you have any other dvd burners to try the media in?

Ah, thanks :slight_smile:

Yes, I have a PX-708a as well that I can perform some testing with.

i suggest running a write test on your 708A just to rule out a bad batch of media…

btw, the newest version of CD/DVD Speed - 3.80 - - allows you to use an ISO image for the write transfer test so you don’t have to waste a disc on meaningless data…

Ok, I will try the test with the same media on the 708a when I get home tonight.

Thanks for the link as well. I do hate having to waste disks. Also, I see that you cannot simulate a write test on +R disks, only -R disks? I tried running a write test simulation on my Verbatim +R and Nero said it had to create a data disk. Does this sound right?

i don’t think CD/DVD Speed can simulate write tests on +R but Plextools Pro can.