UFO: Aftermath

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[B]Patch: 1.2 [5.8 MB] (English version)
Language: English (AS)
Upgraded to SecuROM v-

Czech & German also available


Patch 1.1a for English version 1.0 only

ftp://www.cenega.com/UFO/eng_10_11a.zip [/B]

After patching the UK version to 1.2, anyone seen a 16KB sys file loaded as a HIDDEN service from your “documents and settings\username\local settings emp” folder?
Each PC has a different sys file (i.e random name) but the service can be stopped from a cmd prompt with net stop xxxxxxxx
(i.e no “sys” on the end) where xxxxxxx.sys is the name of the sys file.

I tried this on 3 different PCs using original cds and 1.2 official patch downloaded directly. No 16KB file is there before running the 1.2 patch, and it only appears once the game is loaded and remains after it quits. The service can be stopped as above, and the file then deleted when the game has quit. The sys file and service only restart when just this game is launched so I am pretty sure it belongs to it.

Just I am concerned it’s a virus instead (no idea how original files on a clean PC can get that though but hey… )

Tried a zillion virus killers/tojan/syware scanners no joy.