UFC from KAIST with HMD makes nerds say OMG WTF

Those clever people at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology have invented the coolest thing of all week that will make you look like Tom Cruise in Minority Report, but unlike Tom you’ll look like the geek you are.

UFC stands for, deep breath, Ubiquitous Fashionable Computer, and it is a computer controlled via a glove and camera-equipped glasses! Been done before? You bet, but this time you can actually copy and move files by throwing them!

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And this is how you’ll look. Irresistible! Star-Trek greeting

It should come with a sign for your back that says “Please kick my ass!”

Damn! That guy is wired for boots!

It’d have to be an LCD sign, so it could be customised with different geeky fonts :wink:
But then again … they don’t need the sign …
Maybe they could rename the company … or the product to “Kick my nerdy arse” :iagree:

KAIST strikes again!

No, the robot is not photoshopped, and yes, the girl looks like she is.

I wish I were in Busan right now. I have some friends who went to KAIST, one of the very few things South Korea have that can compete internationally. Those look funny indeed.

I thought at first it was a human inside a robot like the old guy wearing the robot. From more reading on the APEC show, it seems like a human-looking robot. BTW, Samsung displayed their 8-megapixel camera phone for the first time there as well. It’s a little smaller and thinner than Samsung’s 7-mega, 5-mega, and 3-mega camera phones. Samsung also has a Wi-bro phone with QWERTY keypad. It almost looks like an early-generation handheld PC though much smaller and lighter. If you don’t know what Wi-bro is, Wi is for wireless and bro is for broadband. I don’t think 1Mps is “broad” even for wireless internet. Should be at least 50Mbps.