Ufc 50



I’m trying to backup my copy of UFC 50 without success, I’m using anydvd with dvdshrink and I get an error when doing so, the original dvd plays great in my dvd player and looks clean. I also tried to use clonedvd and get the same error, so I opened up dvd decryptor and that did not work either, any ideas?


you haven’t mentioned what the error was, which is like taking your car to the mechanic and simply telling him, “my car has a problem. can you fix it?”


Sorry about that it comes up with a crc error. I did manage to rip the disc to hard drive using smart ripper however it wont then burn from the ripped image either. DVDshrink says there is an error with one of the vob files yet the file plays fine.

I was using anydvd and dvdshrink when I get the crc error. I have also tried every combination of dvd regionfree, anydvd, clonedvd, dvdshrink and dvdfab all error in the same place on vob file 4-3, all give diferent error codes. The dvd looks clean and plays without issue in my pc and dvd players. I was also unable to rip it to hard drive using DVDdecryptor errors in the same place vob 4-3.