UDO media



Hey guys,
does anyone of you actually use the UDO technology for data backups?


Not me…although Sinatra used to think it was magical:

[I]“Do do that voodoo that UDO so well.”[/I]



[QUOTE=DrageMester;2470576][I]“Do do that voodoo that UDO so well.”[/I]


Chuckle :clap:

Or from Blazing Saddles “[I]Now go do that voodoo that U-DO so well[/I]”.:bigsmile:

I’ve had my eye on Plasmon’s UDO drives for years, but they are far beyond my budget.:sad:


You might find these of interest:

A review of a first-generation Plasmon UDO drive
And a review of Sony’s rival blue-laser PDD drive

PDD was discontinued in 2007, but the very similar PFD system is still around. PFD is used in Sony’s XDCAM professional video devices as well as enterprise data archival and backup.

Finally a review of Plasmon’s much improved UDO2 drive


LOL stay away from proprietary formats, especially at 130mm

Recordable Blu-ray makes sense: UDO does not.