UDMA2 on mine others report UDMA4



Why is my drive reporting UDMA2 when others are getting UDMA4?

My Liteon 167 is showing UDMA4.

I have swapped them around from Secondary-Primary. Whichever I put the liteon on it stays as UDMA4 and whichever I put the Pioneer on it stays at UDMA2.
Both connected at end (black) of 40pin/80wire cable.
Both connected as Master on either Primary or Secondary.

The Manual says UDMA4 66MB/s.


Looked closer and found this.
BIOS reports Primary as Secondary and Vice versa.
Windows also reports the same.
So it is running at UDMA4.
BIOS must be screwed, time to flash it again I think.


Reflashed and still reporting it arse backwards.