UDMA Transfer

how come after i refomat my comp the transfer between my c drive and other drives is ok, but after a while it eventually slows. even unzipping things on the main drive becomes a hassle, and takes forever. now on the other end, my slave drives in the comp trasfer fast and everything i unzip on them unzip quick…i understand that all the programs and everything running on the main drive may have some affect, but i dont think it should take this big a blow…keep in mind that everything on my comp is running perfectly, no viruses or trojans or spyware, im just having this minute problem…holla back

The speed of transfer can depend on alot of things. The RPM of the HDD (5400/7200), the bus its running on (ATA/100 / SATA 150), file system (FAT32/NTFS) etc. Unziping something to the same drive its being read is because the reading and writing on the same bus.


Defrag your drive.