UDMA Mode on my Plextors

I have a Plextor Premium 1.07 and a Plextor 740A crossflashed to BenQ DW1640 BSRB. My hard drives all run a UDMA Mode 5, but my burners only run a Mode 2. I use exclusively 80 pin IDE Cables. I have a raid motherboard, although I never use that. There are four IDE channels, only two of which are used. My Plextor 740A is master and the Plextor Premium is slave. Is there any way to achieve a Mode 4? :frowning:

Only using external firmware with the Plextor 740A that is crossflashed to a BenQ 1640, you have to crossflash it again to a BenQ164B using BEFB, or BEGB Firmware. Then use an 80 pin 40 conductor ribbon and you will achieve UDMA 4 on the BenQ.:iagree:

Yep, I have the same firmware on my 1640 (BEFB). :iagree:

I am not familiar with the BenQ 164B. I just went to Dangerous Bros. and am now downloading both firmwares to flash and choose. Thanks

For BenQ 1640, 1650 & 1655, the UDMA 2 is the best you can get. If you really need UDMA 4, get a 760A, or real Plextor.