UDMA magic - no longer burning at 1x



Thank you Inertia! :bow: I just read an old post of yours regarding setting the UDMA for a drive (fixing settings in the BIOS). I was about to give up hope of ever getting my LiteOn SOHW-812S to burn at more than 1.3x – I’ve tried many types of media and have been reading articles in this forum for several months and hadn’t found anything that worked. I flashed the EPROM to several different versions and nothing helped. Then I read Inertia’s post which suggested checking to be sure the UDMA settings were correct and found that the drive was not recognized by the BIOS and that the DMA channel was stuck on PIO mode. I changed the BIOS setting for the drive to “Autodetect”, re-booted and off I went! Now the drive is using UDMA-2 and works to spec. The thread is CD and DVD Burning Software > Roxio Basic Speed problem HELP. (A moderator might want to change this to a hyperlink – I don’t know how to do that.)