About a month ago, I had a problem of my PX760A burning at 0.5X. Thanks to you all, I made a lot of changes ( mainly update BIOS and drivers and change jumpers from MS-SL to CS, for Dell likes CS). One of these solved the problem, although some of you suspected the IDE cable.

Well a month later and a fiew tenths 16X burning and scanning after, suddenly to-day, again the Plextor starts a burn at 0,5X. Of course, the device manager displays “Current mode” PIO for the Plextor and UDMA2 for the LiteOn. Rebooting and desinstalling the IDE did not change anything. This time I suspected the hardware and contacted Dell, as I have a 3 years assistance contract. They advised me to update the BIOS and, if no result, replace the drives with the original ones in order to show the problem to the Dell techs.

I downloaded the latest BIOS update at the Dell site. It was exactly the same file (at least the same name D9100A03.EXE) as the update I flashed a month ago. Nevertheless I reflashed the BIOS, and SURPRISE :eek: My drives are back in UDMA4 and UDMA2.

Can anybody explain this ? Can BIOS be corrupted ? Or should I suspect something else ?