UDMA 6 - stuck in it



Hi, just wondering why exactly Windows is saying I’m using UDMA6 when I enabled 4 in the BIOS?



Presumably this for an HDD, so I can’t understand why you’d want mode 4 anyway.


Well, I heard the Pioneer 111D only likes 4 (having huge problems with it, which haven’t went away anyway), so I set it to 4. Got it sorted, but still no luck with dual-layer burns. As soon as it goes to burn the second layer… buggered.


I think you’re looking at the wrong device in Device Manager. The Pio won’t go higher than mode 4. The only devices in mode 6 are HDDs.

Presumably you’ve connected as master on an 80wire/40pin cable & it really is running in mode 4.

What DL media are you using?


The fact that you are having problems with dual-layer burns is more than likely down to the media you are using or the software you are using for burning. Use Verbatim(MKM, made in Singapore) or Taiyo Uden dual layer disks. On the software side I have had good success with Nero and ImageBurn for burning dual layer discs. BTW as TimC says you are better of running your drive at UDMA6, I presume its a sata interface.


Use Verbatim DL, anything else will not work.