hi all i have a crappy integrated system where everything is controller by intel drivers.

anyway in the device manager under ide ata/atapi controllers i cant access the advanced settings for the primary or secondary ide channels. under this section though i have ‘intel ultra ata controller’. (yes its a crap pc)

in a program for showing all this intel crap it has my burner’s transfer mode listed as ‘UDMA-2’ and it won’t let me modify it. is this good or bad?


check if you have an 80 column ide cable that might cure the udma2 problem


You’re fine! Your burner should use UDMA-2, so this setting is perfectly normal.


UDMA2= Ultra ATA 33
Everythig is fine!
No burner supports a higher ATA (as far as i know).



i’m using the 3500ag with 2.td liggy and dee firmware.

i don’t have any 16x discs, but is udma-2 capable of transferring at speeds enough for 16x burning? i have a slow hard disk but i think it should be fast enough for 16x transfers.

EDIT: just saw the post above. thanks.

P.S what is the average time for lead-in and lead-out? mine seem to take a while.


Well, if no burner supports anything higher than ATA-33, it should be enough :wink:

If your hdd is fast enough, there should be no problem.


about 40 sec


The Pioneer 109 and I think at least one Plextor model run in UDMA Mode 4. Just so you know :bigsmile:


Just a gimmick … not that they actually need it … the writer doesn’t need to transfer data faster than UDMA-2 (33Mbps) anyhow!


Of course not, though I have noticed the 109 has less buffer fluctuation than the 3520 has for me. Probably a fluke though.


I can confirm that the 109 and 716 are UMDA4! Nice machines. And the 3500 does a fine job of burning ty02 at 16X for what its worth in UMDA2.


I noticed that too.
The NEC 3520 buffer shows some fluctuation.
My LG 4163 buffer doesn’t but the drive runs on UDMA-2 as well.



The 109 still fluctuates more than my old burner but not so much as the 3520, but it probably has nothing to do with the buffer. I’ve been told the 109 use to do it more with older firmware. the 3520 probably just hasn’t been fine tuned enough in this area.


You may think it is a gimmick but dozens of posters have trouble getting any speed out of Pioneer 109s until they switch to an 80 wire cable and get UDMA 4. I don’t understand why but there it is.


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