UDMA/100 & UDMA/33 Bottleneck?

There are different views of different people regarding whether there will be a bottleneck when a UDMA/100 HDD and a UDMA/33 Drive like burner are on the same IDE channel.

  1. Some say, the speed will be restricted to UDMA/33 always i.e.,
    the lowest speed on that channel.

  2. Some say that the speed will only slow down, when we use both drives at the same time.

What is the exact case or situation in your opinion ???

Thanx in Advance.

Only one device can use the channel at the same time. If the HD uses it, U100 is used, if the writer uses it, U33 is used. If one occupies the channel to long (crappy chipset drivers, bad firmware etc), the other one can’t communicate till the channel is released again.

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Did you look at my post on IDE configuration myths?
My system is fastest when both drives in use are on the same channel, as opposed to having them on separate channels.
the only intelligent answer to these questions is : try it and see.
you can hurt nothing by trying, there seems to ba a wide range of performance differences from one system to another.
There is certainly no speed loss due to the UDMA setting of the drives, they will run at their respective speeds regardless of where they are placed. Note that in my tests, I did not check the speeds between the UDMA2 and UDMA5 drives while they were on the same channel, ie: HD and CDRW on same channel. I didn’t check that because there does not seem to be a compelling reason to configure that way in the first place.

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Liked your post. Good work.

The only same-channel problem I have encountered is trying to burn high speed to 2 burners at the same time with Nero, they alternate back and forth on the buffers and burn at about 4-8x. Haven’t had time to work on that one yet.