UDFReader? RecordNow

I am trying to read a CD-RW I recorded with Windows 98 on XP. When I put it in it just asks me to install UDF Reader. I do and when I reboot it says the program will make make Windows unstable and it closes it. Then i can’t read the CD. I am using HP RecordNow and I’m guessing the version i have, 3.1 is not compatible or something. I looked for the update but I keep getting the “unable to display” page. All I found was the Dutch version and I don’t speak Dutch :). Any help? Thanks!

Would it help if I installed DirectCD on the XP computer so they’ll be readable? The Win 98 comp has it installed…

I’d try InCD from Ahead instead of DirectCD…

Both will probably do the trick.

Where are both available for download? :smiley: I looked for DirectCD but can’t find a version that’s compatible with XP

or for many programs you can visit:


Corrected the link.
My batteries of my keyboard are almost empty, it drops some letters now and then :wink:

I think you mean www.cdrsoft.cc

for the UDF reader dont worry about what xp tells you. install it anyways, just make sure its the same one you used on 98. the other may work, but why tempt microsoft any more than you must?