UDF - which version?

With the latest version of InCD ( you can use any of the following versions of UDF:

1.50 (recommended by Nero)

Which of these versions is the fastest? I store files on DVD+RW all the time and would like to utilize the fastest UDF possible. Though Nero recommends v1.50 for compatibility, is it necessarily the fastest for throughput and access times?

2.00 is the recommended version in InCD here. It’s also the version used by my set-top RAM player. I doubt you will see any difference in speed though.

That’s odd, because the latest version of InCD (which I’m using, stated in my above post) recommends v1.50.

The latest version of UDF, 2.60, duplicates metadata (NTFS) which supposedly aids in data recovery. I really don’t know much other than brief posts in various forums like here and Doom9.

1.50 is recommended for PC use.
2.00 is usually required for standalone DVD recorders.

2.01 is still the best option for compatibility.
2.50 and 2.60 were mainly introduced because of Blu-Ray and HD-DVD.