UDF vs. ISO what's better?

I’m about ready to start archiving some files and some are larger than the Joliet standard. I understand that UDF allows for larger file names?

I want to make sure though that I can use this DVD archive in any PC. Is there a reason why I shouldn’t use UDF? I’ve been burning using the Joliet standard for years now and it’s annoying to have to rename files to keep them within the limit and be readable.

Any help is appreciated thanks.

I believe the only problem with UDF is with older OS not being able to handle this format natively. Not a problem for XP. I use it all the time, especially for files >2GB which the ISO standard does not allow.

If you are backing up important archives with Nero, use DVD+RW, and tick the Verify files box during burning. It takes twice as long, but ensures the data you have written is complete, as the disc is ejected, then re-loaded, and compared with the files on the HDD. If the DVD drive in other PCs is OK with the disc format, then it will be able to read them OK.

The older OS argument is not a deterrent for me at this point though thank you for the reason.

I am wondering about a couple things though. Will a modified Xbox be able to read a DVD-UDF disc with MP3’s backed up on them with long file names?

If I take some of those MP3’s off that DVD and create a CD with MP3’s on them to play in a stereo will the file names be read? I think the CD players pull off the ID3 tags right? Not the filenames?

In the future if they create portable cd players that can play DVD-MP3 discs or car stereos that can play DVD-MP3 discs, I wonder if they will play UDF…

I’ve got to start moving stuff off my harddrive. In order to do that I am anal enough to write the ID3 tags and rename the files to a nice format before I move them, hence the question.

Thanks for the help

Although my son has a modded XBOX, I have never actually tried it to do what you suggest, but an experiment with a DVD+RW should answer the question for you. I might give it a go later.

I have a DVD player that reads multimedia files, such as MP3, MPG and AVI (DivX), and it lists the actual file names on screen to be selected, so I guess MP3 capable CD players would do the same. The tags etc are part of the file header in MP3 so the file system used does not really matter. An MP3 file stored on a DVD in UDF will retain all its information if copied to a CD in ISO format, (or indeed onto a HDD in NTFS or FAT32)

I think your only concern is whether the hardware devices are capable of using the UDF file system. DVD players certainly can, others I am not sure, but if future devices prove not to, then you can at least copy them from the UDF disc to an ISO, even if you have to reduce the length of the filename.

Why not just burn ISO/UDF compilation at the beginning? btw What UDF version should be used? What are their advantages/disadvantages?