UDF versions and 3rd level error correction

As far as I know, it was the CD-ROM that brought a third-level error correction on the cd. On DVDs it depends on the UDF version. On the forum I read that UDF 1.50 has better protection but no concrete mention of the way it achieves it.

Which UDF versions incorporate a third-level error correction and how protective are they in comparison if there are different error data sizes?

It seems that I have caused some confusion with this question so I would like to explain what I think to know the term “third-level correction” describes. Mode 1 and 2 Form 1 CD-ROMs not only contain the two “levels” of error correction that is part of the original CD recording technology’s system logic areas and is shown as C1 and C2 as I understand it. They also contain a third “level” of error correction in the “payload area” so to say, where normally would be data of the music tracks. So the available size for “payload” is less on Form 1 CD-ROMs, but the data is much better protected because of the addition of “C3” so to say. Now DVDs are always DVD-ROMs coming along in the three different “flavors” DVD Video, DVD Data and DVD Audio. The file system making sense for DVD-ROMs of all “flavors” is UDF.

Am I right so far with everything?

If I am, what UDF versions contain such a third level error correction in the payload area? As far as I know UDF1.02 which is the original version and which is used for the DVD Video “flavor” doesn’t. Are pressed DVD Data discs published by software companies like Microsoft for example UDF1.50 or UDF1.02 too actually?

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Thanks imkidd57 for moving my question to the correct forum. Hopefully someone has much more detailed knowledge about this subject than I do.

The UDF filesystem has nothing to do with the error correction system of the DVD format whatsoever, so just stick with v1.02.

Revisions of the UDF format : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Universal_Disk_Format#Revisions_of_the_UDF_format