UDF version readability problem after successful burn

Hello and Greetings,

I bought Windows Vista setup DVD and here’s my problem:

When I load the media in question into the DVDRW drive(Liteon Slimtype SOSW-S833VR3) the HD light and DVD Light stay lit for approx 2 minutes
and then the DVD makes some strange bonking sound and the lights go off. I cannot read the contents in Explorer on my laptop but can read it in my gf’s Sony Vaio two years old even. Matshita Drive.

When I eject the Drive, I get a popup which says something like this
" please enter the XXX_media into X drive, paraphrased ->please choose your action menu bottons:
Cancel, Re-try, Continue"

I can:

  1. run MagicDisc and bring up the ISO fine no problems in Win XP x64 and x32.

How did I get the ISO?
My gf’s laptop can read the Media. I ported it after using PowerISO
on 8GIG USB FLash Drive.

I ran many Google, Yahoo, MSN, and other searches, looked to see if any thing had changed with my registry or any files were added by ‘would be known’ software to cross reference.
My final conclusion:

I tried to find the LG GMA drives posted for the fellow who wanted to replace his drive and it seems that drive is outdated and no longer available so I found this instead: “LG GSA-T20N” which “Seems to Fit the Bill” but you never know with Slimtypes because they are not “powerhouses”.

I did however find a 7200RPM Hardrive for Laptops which is fantastic
with the added new Lithium 12 cell batteries packs a good punch.

Go here for 7200RPM hardrive:

http://www.bixnet.com/as50se.html ** NOTE Do not worry about Laptop Manu, as the Hardrive comes from a well known Manu.

My help questions:

  1. is there a fix for my current Liteon Drive? ( I looked at Codeguys and all the rest and found no patched firmware in fact Liteon has scrubbed this drive from their support site I could not find any information on their support site for this drive. I went to Acer and only found the updated firmware. I used, Omnipatcher to see what was available for it and only found, speed updates, cross flashing, dead drive blink, and thats it.

  2. What is the best all around slimtype DVDRW drive to do everything such as burn all media and read all media?
    Because ISO 13346 UDF is a booger when it comes to Windows Vista.
    That is what I’m trying to install on my laptop.

*** NOTE I found BIOS for Vista update for my laptop at:

*** NOTE This was useless:

As the above only covers a general problem with the said in question.

Thank you kindly

@ bhokuto,

Welcome to the Forum.

Explain in exact specific detail exactly what “UDF” disk your LiteOn Drive has difficulty reading.

Perchance is this particular “UDF” disk a ReWriteable optical Media disk that one of the “Drag-And-Drop” packet writing software programs similar to Nero InCD was used to author?



I checked my System Hardware Devices Tab in x64 Pro and found that the bonking sound my Drive made caused the IDE mode to switch to PIO. What wonders!!

In order to get the IDE back to DMA mode I had to crossflash to SONY DW-Q60A and then back again. How many Reboots?


I purchased Windows Vista DVD and my Drive does not Read it. So I Extracted the DVD to an ISO on my Gf’s Laptop- SONY Vaio and ported the ISO into my laptop via 8GIG USB Flash stick. (Because My Drive cannot bring the contents nor Autoplay the DVD)

I took the Extracted ISO and used “MagicDisc” Virtual DVD/CD drive and read the Contents of the Windows Vista DVD. It is not “Any Windows DVD”. It is Windows Vista Ultimate. Which I paid $$$ for and well, quite frankly, there are a lot of systems that cannot read the DVD’s nor install them either. So, if my system cannot read it, it certainly cannot install it from the Drive. I personally need a working DVD to install from “scratch” because ISO’s have a way of disappearing after installs from GUI. Had this happen once, not going to repeat the mistake.

I sent an email to Liteon and they pretty much disown the drive with this nice reply:

Dear Sir or Madam,
Thank you for contacting LiteON IT Support.

Could you make sure the discs you have tried are qualified and try more discs check whether the problems remains the same.
In case the problem remains the same,that seems drive fault, please send it back to the retailer for services.

If you have additional questions, please let us know!
When responding, DO please include all regarding details and previous emails. We know your time is valuable and hope for a prompt resolution to your inquiry.
Further information, please visit LiteON IT Corp official web site -

Your sincerely,


How sweet of them… $#(@&(&@^(#*

Of course like many folks they DO NOT READ with UNDERSTANDING.

I wrote exactly what I wrote here,

Here’s my specs:

Dual boot XP 32 and XP x64 on Acer Laptop 5002WLMi AMD64 ML-30 Turion, came with NTI DVD/CD MAKER which sucks, I use Burncdcc and Imgburn and some guys DVD/CD Burner software which is really nice no garbage to deal with straight forward burning, clik and burn.

All those options are eye candy, the issue is to burn a good copy without all the bells and whistles which cause problems down the road. Stick to the standards, and when needed mod a few to make things work proper.

Thank you kindly

Reason: Microsoft has already made $$$ from me purchasing the DVD from their Distributor. They want $35 for support for every incident and no guarantee of a fix. Because of the Many Third Party OEM Hardware involved. I’m thinkng MAC know because, after 15 years of “third party” OEM hardware, Support for one PC takes on 10 to 20 OEM’s and you have to pay each one. One PC. 10 to 20 OEMs. That includes Hardware and Software Vendors.

So MS is helping out Vendors to earn $$$ which they should not.

MAC is the way to go. Or maybe Sun Systems. Hmm… maybe hm…
Have to recheck which, IBM… hm…

Thank you kindly