UDF troubles on CDs and DVDs

Hi all,

I am using InCD on a Windows 2000 machine (Service Pack 4).
The DVD recorder is a QSI DVDRW SDW-042, which is able to write both DVD-RW and DVD+RW media. This recorder is supported by Nero.


  1. Sometimes inserting an UDF formatted DVD with some data on it is seen as empty, and InCD promptly asks me if I want to format it.

  2. copying several files using windows explorer (ctrl-C on hard disk folder, control-V on DVD folder) works, but doing a Windiff between folders reveals a few files that are different and the last file on DVD is always unreadable.

  3. If I insert a rewriteable CD (yes, a normal 650 MB disk) formatted UDF with some data and try to add another file, I get the message: “Cannot copy MyFile: files on this CD-ROM drive are read-only. You cannot copy or move file over this CDROM drive”. This happens also on my older and trustworthy Plextor PX-504A.

Problems 1 and 2 sometimes go away after rebooting the PC. Problem 3 goes away only erasing and reformatting the CD. After this, I can write again to the CD for awhile. I still don’t know the exact moment when it is no longer possible to add more files (no, the disk is not full).

I always do a Full-Erase of both CDs and DVDs before formatting them with InCD.

I don’t know what to do. Any help greatly appreciated.

Do you have any other recording software on your computer besides Nero?

No, the machine is a fresh install: after Windows 2000 SP4 the only added things were Nero and IncD

Two things on problem #3

Errata corrige: replace word ‘also’ with ‘only’. So it should say “it happens only on the Plextor”.

Update: the moment it stops writing is after ejecting the CD. So the sequence is:

  1. full-erase the CD
  2. format UDF
  3. write files/folders to CD
  4. wait long enough until writing is completed
  5. eject and reload the CD
  6. the CD becomes read-only (access denied on create folder, delete file, copy file, etc)

Using a DVD+RW works normally (media remains always writeable).

The shocking news: shall I suspect a problem within the recorder?

What make is your main burner? a BTC by chance?

I unfortunately have these same problems with a Sony DW-U18A and an Optorite DD0203 DVD drives using Fuji DVD+RW discs, or any other for that matter. I would think that this rules out a drive problem.

I am also running Win 2K w/SP4 and these discs always seem to become read-only after shutting down and rebooting once or several times on my machine.,

Everyone told me Nero had a great product, but I am not happy with InCD at all.

I installed the update to InCD ( two days ago to no avail.

I would thoroughly appreciate any input also, anyone???

Sorry, don’t know what BTC means. The QSI recorders came inside the PCs with Windows 2000 pre-installed (three PCs), all I did was to buy three Nero licenses and install them.

In the other case, I had a spare PC and later added a Plextor recorder (bought separately, it came in a cute box with Nero/InCD included).

Hello, All:

This is my first post to CD Freaks forum. I happened upon it through a Google search while looking for help with my own drive. Anyway, TheRG, you might be interested in checking out the postings in this thread on the Firmware Page forum:


Nobody’s addressed your specific issue, perhaps, but I think there is some overlap with problems that are being dealt with over there. Namely, there are the expected questions of firmware compatibility, software compatibility, and media compatibility.

You’re not alone! :slight_smile: