UDF reads but not ISO/Audio

I just got a Philips CDD4801 CD-R/RW burner. I have updated the flash driver revision 2.5 and I can do the following:

  • Read/Write Data in UDF format (using Roxio Direct CD Format Utility)
  • Read Standard CD-ROM (ISO or Audio)

However when I write a CD-R and close it in ISO or Audio format I cannot read the data. The writing process worked fine (no error message) and Windows Explorer shows the correct CD file size when I click on the CD properties. But no files are showing when I try to explore the CD.

Note : When I close the CD in UDF format, it works fine. I can explore the CD without problem.

This is a strange issue because I can read any pre-written Audio or ISO CD. The fact the UDF mode works fine shows that the hardware is fine. Any ideas or clues?