UDF, Packet writing, Mount t Rainer and DVD-RAM?


I asked a question about what Mount Rainer enabled you to do in a previous thread, but I would like some more in-depth answers to this and other various other direct disk-writing techniques questions. I though a separate thread would be best.

I am looking for a suitable drive that is capable as a good all rounder, i.e. will be able to make CD backups of difficult media with weak sectors, will be able to burn Dual layer DVD’s AND be able to write directly to disk’s from various data programs (as well as being quick and reliable!). With all this in mind, the LG GSA-4163B has been pointed out to me as a possible suitable candidate.

However, I would like to understand better the different types on direct disk writing methods. I currently have a two CD Writers that I have used with packet writing software like DirectCD and InCD. The Ricoh MP9200 CDRW/DVD combo has never really given me any problem in this area, but the other drive (a LG GCE-8480B) has constantly corrupted disks no matter what media I have placed in it. I had put this down to hardware issues, but I am no longer so sure after reading the forums.

Is packet-writing inherently flawed, or is this only with DVD’s and not CD’s? Is this a software or hardware issue? What does Mount Rainer actually do and is this needed to for packet writing or just some kind of extra? Will DVD-RAM solve all these possible problems?

As a relative newbie to the finer points of CD/DVD burning I hope you will not find this too dumb a question to answer. Maybe it would be good placed in the FAQ’s.

Many thanks.

As you can probably tell, I’m a bit of a noob when it comes to buring specifics. There are been some good answers in other threads about other burning areas but I haven’t really come accross much to do with all these different direct writing types.

If anyone can help, I would appreciate it.