UDF/ISO/Joliet & Filenames that are universally read



I remember burning a DVD under UDF/ISO once to allow longer filenames and I vaguely remember it not working in another DVD player at work that was using Windows XP.

Here’s my situation :

I am tagging / renaming my MP3s and archiving them on DVDs.

  1. Does anyone know what the ideal file length should be? I want to make sure that my MP3s are read properly on CD MP3 players (will be buying a car stereo soon) and on portable MP3 players (IPod or Creative Lbs), and display properly on both.

  2. With that in mind, if the players will read long file names (or do they pull straight from tags?), should I leave it at default settings (allowing 64 characters for Joliet names, and Max of 11 for file name length) or shall I increase it and will it work in other DVD drives?

I hope that makes sense and thanks in advance for the help!


For question number 1, I say the length of the file should not matter unless you have something extremely huge (over 2-4GB), which would be very unusual for a MP3 file. Not sure about the other questions though, sorry.


UDF / ISO is the best choice here, and the UDF Filesystem version chosen is the most important part ever.


I think the new mp3 players do read info from tags directly :rolleyes: but I am not sure.
oh btw does UDF supports Unicode char table (Japanese , arabic , chinese …) for filenames


Depends on the UDF revision, I think.