UDF headaches

I have recently acquired a Sony MVC-CD1000 CDMavica digicam. It stores its pictures in 8cm 156 MB CDRs, which get initialized in UDF format in the camera itself.
You can finalize the discs and read them as normal CDs in any computer, but this takes 13.5 megs of free space in the CDR itself. Since the CD1000 isn’t compatible with CDRWs, I do not intend to do this.

What I want to do is to just pop the unfinalized cd out of the digicam, stick it in my drive and read the files from there.

I thought Windows XP supported reading from UDF-formatted discs by itself, but discs from the CD1000 appear empty when I open them in Explorer.
I installed Nero InCD, but it only supports rewritable discs, and there’s no way I can see to just tell it “get the damn files off the disc”.
I tried ISOBuster and CDRoller, and they are both capable of doing what I need, but they aren’t free.

So, the questions:

  1. is there any way to convince windows to just read the discs as normal CDs?
  2. if not, is there any freeware alternative to ISOBuster/CDRoller that will extract the files out of the unfinalized discs?