UDF-formatted CD-RW shows zero free space

I searched this forum for an answer, but didn’t come up with anything so I request anyone’s help with this since my CD-RW drive’s manufacturer hasn’t yet been able to. I’m using an Iomega CDRW86522EXT3-B & their included HotBurnPro software (ver. 2.5.5) with an old Toshiba Satellite laptop & Windows 98SE. I right-click on the drive’s icon & select Iomega’s format from the menu. The format begins & takes over 50 minutes (including verifcation) to complete & reports the format was successful. I drag a file onto the CD-RW drive icon & get a message box saying “access is denied - make sure the disc is not full or write-protected.” I take a look at the properties & it shows 702 MB used, free space 0. Clicking on the Iomega HotBurn tab shows ‘unknown’ for the UDF revision as well as ‘unknown’ for all other items on this list. I then tried a quick format over the original format which didn’t change the results. A Level 2 Iomega support person said drag & drop wouldn’t work with W98SE, but it says on the 1st page of the Drag & Drop manual “Iomega HotBurn Pro Drag’n’Drop for Windows® 95/98/ME/2000/XP and Windows NT® 4.0 is companion software for Iomega HotBurn Pro. Drag and drop files on to a disc, just like dragging and dropping files to a floppy or Zip disk.”

I read somewhere of a similar problem someone was having (not necessarily with W98SE) & the advice to them regarded Adaptec software that’s utilized by Windows Media Player.

I sure want & need to use true drag & drop, so I’d appreciate any help. Thanks in advance!

Iomega HotBurn Pro
= Sh#tty app.

= Just Plain Sh#t.

Windows 98SE
= Outdated OS

I sure want & need to use true drag & drop, so I’d appreciate any help.
OS = XP, Disable the inbuilt IMAPI Service. App = Nero’s In CD. I only say this because I know it works.

Thanks, pollushon.

Are you saying disabling IMAPI in XP works? I’m not sure I understand you’re suggestion since I don’t have XP or Nero… please clarify, pollushon.

IMAPI is XP’s crappy outdated built in Roxio Drag to disc burning Engine. Its easily disabled by going to Services: (Start> Run> type: %SystemRoot%\system32\services.msc /s) Then Disable the IMAPI Cd-Burning service.

What I meant was if you really need to use Packet Writing, get yourself these two - Disable IMAPI. If its for business you can write them off on Tax.

hi pollushon;
i learned a little more about the IMAPI srvice from reading your post - since i don’t use Xp. I’d like to reciprocate/oblidge, if i may – usually only start | run services.msc is necessary -(the %SystemRoot% variable and full path can usually be omitted). however - your method is more ‘fool-proof’ for those who may have installations elsewhere, other than default :wink:

@ EyeForOne - Very right you are - Old habits die hard, same goes for gpedit.msc and mmc.exe.