UDF Filesystem for Standalone Bluerayplayer

Hello folks!

I burn at the moment my private movies in MKV format on Blueray and DVD discs.
But i saw that Nero is using UDF 1.02 System for that.

Can a LG or Samsung Blueray player read such a disc, or is it really necessary to burn with UDF 2.5?

Normally i read that only m2ts real blueray movies need that.

Second Question ist, does anybody use ISO Filesystem to burn for bluerays, maybe for backups? (At the moment i use UDF for backups too)

Using Windows 7 64bit at the moment…

I have been Backing up DVD’s and now Blu-ray using DVDFab and ImgBurn with no problems, Movie Only. I use full resolution VOB and M2TS Files. Check out my other Post below, if you want to burn full resolution reliable Back-ups. :cool:

ISO FS for BD?
That makes no sense.


Why it doesn’t make sense to use ISO on BD-R for backups like JPEG or RAW ???

AT real Blueray Movie, i can understand UDF 2.5 is needed, but for simple backups?

You wrote about mkv and bd backups…

ISO is also only possible with filesizes smaller 2gb.

what is the bottom part to use UDF 2.5 to burn whatever you need on your blu-ray burner ?
it will just be painful if you don’t have a UDF 2.5 driver on your PC, but it is not a problem with recent windows version.