UDF Error



Hi again, This is most likely a dumb question but I have been making backups of my DVD’s using the Beta DVD shrink and DVD clone with no problems on my LG-4020B, Now all of a sudden I’m getting the same error on different DVD’s. It says “UDF error 5 65536”. Can someone give me an idea why. Thanks in advance


dvd shrink is a great program … I dont use the beta version causei dont like beta …

are you using nero or nero express

I would suggest express cause alot easier

I just make folder on desktop to throw dvd shrink image in

and then open nero

go to top drop down box and choose


that is very import [dvd] it opens up options to your dvd

okay when u have that go to

dvd-video files and hit next

then just drop the contents of folder in there …or just add those files

see if it gives ya an error … if it dont u just picked wrong option in nero

also nero is what I would use … cause the nero’s above do hae bugs in them and that is the last nero that does great and has no problems



message me or IM me anytime …just add me as contact and get ahold of me …

I am pretty sure doing it this way will be alot easier and less room of error …if you get error please let me know … also what dvd player would help and movie … and what disc dvd -r or dvd +R … well hope this helps


just a side note …I would unstall clonedvd too cause that might have a problem with it …I have seen it before …also what other programs do u have on pc that deal with dvd ? are you using anydvd ? cause i know that causes problems …also what is new software you just added ? to do all my movies i just have dvd shrink and works like a charm and nero …if i do get lazy or for my brother who is not so computer fancy …dvd x copy express

well let us know …also always use up to date firmware

but since you said this is just start happen i would unistall clonedvd and any other software you just have added …

well let us know how it goes

yes I did run into this problem testing anydvd out for a friend … hehhe


Thanks for the help guys. I tried burning it (The Core) using Nero and got another coaster so I deleted the DVD Shrink files and re-did the shrink process. Then I used Clone CD and it worked fine. There must have been an error in the copy process.I got four coasters out of this one.