Udf Dvd



'ello a Newbie and admittedly a fool, so I will be much obliged if I could get help from anyone out there…thanks a million in advance!

What I have is a DVD in the UDF file system and I have tried to rip it with a host of rippers unsuccessfully. I have tried Decrypter and DVD shrink, Ahead ripper, DVD Rebuilder, AnyDVD, Clone2, etc to no avail.

Will appreciate some help…thanks! :slight_smile:


What DVD? Be more specific and maybe post a screenshot of it’s content and/or session(s).


How about moving it over in Windows?


I’m trying to rip a movie DVD and some of the files are not readible by all the above named rippers hence, the movie is uncomplete. and the file properties says its UDF file system. Thanks for the replies…its people like yourself that makes a difference


is ur dvd a personal dvd that u or ur friends made?


no its not. actually its a pirated copy of the movie ‘half past dead’ & ‘into the sun’…Steven Seagal’s
could convert to MPEG2 with Ahead ripper but the last 2 chapters just won’t barge!


how is the condition of the dvd cuz if its danamged or dusty it could be cauing the problem or just a bad media.


Both works perfectly when played in a DVD player output TV. I think if this is the case the disc should not be damaged or dusty…thanks for the reply


not really, i have some dvd that can play in stand alone dvd players but not on dvd drives. DVD drives are more sensitive that regular stand alone dvd players, if u wanta play it on a dvd drive u can always use some alchol to clean the disc


the problem I am currently having is not playing the dvd in a drive or stand alone. what I want to do is actually rip the dvd to and burn and as I mentioned earlier I need help to do this as the dvd comes in UDF file format and I have utilized the named softwares and I cannot rip the dvd and burn.