UDF DVD reading problem on PX-708A

I tried to burn a certain DVD (with Nero 7.something), but since one file was >2Gb, Nero advised me to write a UDF DVD. Burning was OK, but now I cannot read the disk - though I do have InCD installed.

Here is what I’ve found in SrvError.log in InCD directory:
Mounting drive J: with UDF cache size 16777216
SCSI error: (Op 5Ah (ModeSense10)…
SCSI error: (Op B6h (SetStreaming12)…
Failure setting or resetting streaming of drive
Not mounting UDF disc read-only because native reader is present
Could not mount subfile system for volume

Nero’s Disk Info shows one UDF track present. ‘Volumes’ in drive’s properties shows ‘Partition style: MBR’, and one volume with RAW file system…

PX-708A (firmware 1.11), ASUS A7N8X MB (nForce2, with standard IDE drivers).

Skip InCD into the bin.

Don’t let Nero tell you what to do. I’d have to agree with chef, InCD is rubbish. I too have experienced a lot of problems with InCD (problems like discs not being recognized anymore) and since then I have never used it again. Perhaps InCD has gotten better since then but I still wouldn’t recommend its use again. If you want to burn a small compilation it would be wisest, in my opinion at least, to use a DVDRW disc and just burn it as a normal compilation. Now, when you want to add new data to that disc I would copy the existing contents of the disc to your hard disk, create a new compilation with the new data you want to add and overwrite the DVDRW disc. That, for me, works best. I am not a fan of multi-session discs.

Windows XP supports UDF1.02, UDF 1.5 and UDF2.01 nativly so no driver is needed.

From MS here

The version of Microsoft Windows that you are using may not support the UDF version that is used on the disc. Most DVD-ROM/video that contain UDF 1.02 CD or DVD R/RW content that was recorded by “drag-and-drop” software will contain UDF 1.5 or later. Windows XP supports UDF 1.02, 1.5, and 2.01.