Udf dvd impossible to burn

Hi there. I’m a newbie and I have a problem burning a dvd. I used Nero on WinXP to burn a dvd and I wanted to include a file of about 4 Gbytes. Nero says that the ISO format is not adequate and that I should use an udf format. Well, when I tried to burn the disc, the process started but it failed when it wanted to do the end of disc fixation (I think) about one minute later it started. I tried to do it a second, a third time… but even was unable to start the process. I think there is some kind of interference between Nero and the udf packet writing software. I know I was perfectly able to burn that brand of dvd before that. Another thing, the first dvd was dvd+r, the following were dvd-r. ¿Should I uninstall the packet writing software? ¿Should I try with another burning software (any suggestion)? Thank you very much for your help.

is this correct: you just wish to burn a 4GB file onto dvd ?

Yes. I want to write a 3.9 Gbytes file. It’s a recorded image from a camcorder onto a computer through a capture board, but the sound hasn’t got sync with image. The delay seems to be different depending on the seeks i do reproducing the movie. It’s not a fixed quantity. The codec is Pinnacle pim1. I’ve tried playing the movie in a fast computer with windows media player, winamp, and the core media player. The problem still persist. Since I don’t know how to fix it, nor I have much time and I need the hd space free, I’ve decided to write the movie as raw data, as a file. I will try to fix the problem in the future. By the way, thank you very much for the links.

if it is only data you wish to burn, use any burning program. ht fireman is free. it will work fine if you need a freeware burning program

Thanks. I’ll try other programs.