UDF DVD : I can access - son on his PC not!




my son has burned a DVD-R with two files on it that are bigger than 2GB so program asked to burn in UDF format. So he did

Now :

  • in explorer be it right-click -> explore or double-click : nothing happens
  • but he can read the files ( manga animes) in MediaPlayer

On my PC I see and can correctly explore the DVD

To my knowledge I do not have any UDF program installed on my PC

He did a trial using InCD from Ahead, but no change

Anyone has an idea as to why he can’t access and how correct that ?

Thanks !


Well have found : somehow drive was screwed !
Windows only recognized it as CD-drive and no more DVD-drive ( strabge since he had burned that DVD using same drive 2 hours earlier)

Anyhow, deleted drive from system, than rebooted and redetected it, and voila : works Ok now!