UDF copy

On our recent trip tp mexico we went and swam with the dolphins, we ended up buying the dvd from them. I got home, hoping to make copies of this but am lost on how to do it,
On properties it says it is udf. I have nero 6 and ezcd 6. Should these copy it or do i need something else

I believe all DVD-Video is UDF. The best bet would be to use DVD Decrypter and read it in to an ISO file on your hard drive, then use DVD Decrypter to burn the ISO to a new DVD. Nero probably has a similar option, too.

that seems to be working, i had not even tried yet, as my friends tried at his house and it would not work for him.
il llet you know , thanks

ok as an iso its failing read at 25 %.
but it did sabve as video ts.
is there a way i can write from that?

So reading it as files worked? Well sure… Go ahead and run it through ImgTool Burn or Classic, or Nero… And I’m sure plenty of other recording apps have a DVD-Video mode.

all worked out well, sorry for the dumb questions it was my first disk.Got it thats all that matters i guess, now not so worried about scratching that 50$ 8 minute swim with the dolphins

I did the same thing in Mexico and bought the DVD+RW but I cant even watch it on my computer. I have anydvd, DVD X Player etc etc etc but nothing opens the movie or files?? Help

Try with VLC Tool from www.videolan.org