UDF Advanced Settings - We could all use a Guide

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I’m a UDF man when it comes to burning Data to DVD’s - UDF is King!

Okay - with my recent severe disappointment of Nero 8, I have stopped trusting it with my UDF ‘Automatic’ Settings.
So, I want to manually setup the UDF settings - but I could use some help.

I’ve read Wikipedia, etc on UDF, but they do state what the different specs are, but not much more than that.

What does this mean, & how will it affect DVDs? I basically want the most advanced features, but of course compatibility is still an issue. Can I use UDF 2.6 on DVD’s & still maintain high levels of compatibility?

Firstly, whats the difference between Physical & Virtual partition types?

Then, what advantages/disadvantages do the different versions of the UDF File System present (when burning Data DVDs).

Thanx - I haven’t been able to find any useful info on this anywhere!

(here is the last post I’ve found mentioning anything aboot this;

it’s SAD that it’s dated 2003! LOL)


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Can’t somebody explain the difference between physical & virtual partition types?

Use UDF/ISO, best choice.

Other UDF versions are not necessary for current dvd burning & compatibility.

Here’s all that Wikipedia says:

Revisions of the UDF format:

* Revision 1.02 (August 30, 1996). This format is used by DVD-Video discs.
* Revision 1.50 (February 4, 1997). Added support for (virtual) rewritability on CD-R/DVD-R media by introducing the VAT structure. Added sparing tables for defect management on rewritable media such as CD-RW, and DVD-RW and DVD+RW.
* Revision 2.00 (April 3rd, 1998). Added support for Stream Files and real-time files (for DVD recording) and simplified directory management. VAT support was extended.
* Revision 2.01 (March 15, 2000) is mainly a bugfix release to UDF 2.00. Many of the UDF standard's ambiguities were resolved in version 2.01.
* Revision 2.50 (April 30, 2003). Added the Metadata Partition facilitating metadata clustering and optional duplication of file system information.
* Revision 2.60 (March 1, 2005). Added Pseudo OverWrite method for drives supporting pseudo overwrite capability on sequentially recordable media.

For next releases of UDF, changes are discussed in relation to using UDF on very large hard disk media, and using UDF on holographic storage media.

Okay - but if I just decide to stick with Manually configuring UDF Adv Settings & use UDF v2.01 every time (for DVD data discs), will this be 100% okay (Vista & XP, etc should be compatible with this revision).

Also then, what is the difference between Physical & Virtual partition types?

Should I just stick with physical???

I think there i also 2.70, but have no more info about it.