UBUNTU Linux Full Circle eMag #12 Apr 08



Can you believe it? It’s already been a year since the release of issue #1. It seems so long ago, doesn’t it? In this issue, we have lots in store for you!

This month:

  • Flavor of the Year - How Ubuntu and Kubuntu have matured in twelve months.
  • How-To - Creating & Distributing Deb files, Ubuntu Disk Usage, Backup with Partimage, Using GIMP Part 1 and Create Your Own Server Part 4
  • Review of Wiki on a Stick.
  • Letters, Q & A, My Desktop, Top 5, and more!
  • …plus, a bit on the history of Full Circle.




I just installed ubuntu this week on 1 of my machines, is there a place you can go and get very detailed information in laymen terms for someone who does not know anything about ubuntu or linux?
Most of the places i have came across has answers that assume you know about linux already.



Have you not tried the Ubuntu Support forums ??

They do have a ‘Absolute Beginners’ section, which you can post any question, but I would recommend searching beforehand as the same questions get asked over and over and over again lol .

Their a friendly lot and someone will help you out.


Good luck and nice to hear your trying it out … it’s a bit of a steep learning curve at 1st if your only used to a Windows environment.



Been doing a lot of reading,and a little playing around.Seems to me that this ubuntu can work almost like Windows, maybe better since it’s free.
With open office and all ,I got pretty much what I need,Not a gamer so i don’t have any of the driver issues that I keep reading about.My HP Printer worked right off with no problem, still need to hook up my epsom and see if I have any problems there.Buy so far I am happy with the move.




Thanks chrome307!!


irc.freenode.net #ubuntu

i recommend waiting a while before upgrading to heron - my 2 cents from listening to early adopter problems.