Ubuntu edgyeft install - missing Nero text display?

I’ve gotten nerolinux to install on ubuntu edgy eft finally.(after a couple function call tweaks in the install scripts ), but when launching the app none of the text that looks like it should be visible is. (meaning I get a nice crisp/clean gui launched…pretty icons and all…completely devoid of any text other than the nerolinux logo )

I see Nero.txt installed in /usr/share/nero/Nero.txt and a local ~/.nerorc file…Is there something I can hack around with in .nerorc to get the text displayed or help it find it?

It seems to me that this has nothing to do with NeroLINUX itself, but more with your GTK installation… If you do not see any text, maybe you don’t have the correct fonts installed…

I’m running Edgy (with all current updates) and NeroLinux with no problems.

Ahh…The correct fonts, why didn’t I think of that? No really…In all seriousness…I’m also running with all the current updates.

If this was a font problem wouldn’t it “fall back” to any available font in the event of not finding one? This is what normally happens when I write software. Is NeroLinux different in some way?