Ubisoft stops with always-on DRM, allows more activations

I just posted the article Ubisoft stops with always-on DRM, allows more activations.


Click to read the full article here: [http://www.myce.com/news/ubisoft-stops-with-always-on-drm-allows-more-activations-63587/](http://www.myce.com/news/ubisoft-stops-with-always-on-drm-allows-more-activations-63587/)

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THX for the info…
So they finally realize that they punished their legit customers more than the pirates …

Its a little late, I don’t buy anything Ubisoft related. Besides, they only launch junk games.

I’m delighted by this new stance. I guess all those horrible things that are written about them - being stupid, moronic idiots, things like that - might not be correct after all.

I hope I can remember the code to the Times Square building news-crawler so I can shut those off.

[I]Hmmm… was that tippecanoe-and-tyler-too?[/I]

Great move by the company now lets hope that others follow the new stance taken by Ubisoft it is a start in the right direction.:clap:

A week or ten days ago when Ubisoft blasted that there were so many game-pirates out there - and that “only 7% are legitimate buyers” comment sticks with me - I keep thinking of other comments.

“Only 7% of their Users believe their products are worth paying for.”

THAT is what they should be focusing on. Implementing DRM, setting up servers for this, all of that ‘talent’ and salaried staff, all of that extra equipment.

Yet only 7% of their User Base is willing to pay for their stuff?

Sounds terribly “free enterprise” to me.