Ubisoft: Sony won't be able to stop PS3 hackers

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The Sony PlayStation 3 game console remain relatively secure from hackers and gamers up to no good, but Sony may not have any other choice but to release the PlayStation 4, according to one game industry executive.

Read the full article here: [http://www.myce.com/news/ubisoft-sony-wont-be-able-to-stop-ps3-hackers-38789/](http://www.myce.com/news/ubisoft-sony-wont-be-able-to-stop-ps3-hackers-38789/)

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Since Sony was mainly behind the Blu-ray format, I’m very surprised they didn’t become more innovative with hardware level protection, like they did with the original PlayStation. E.g. remember the black game CDs?

Just an example - use a non-standard disc size, e.g. 14cm with higher capacity and reading starting from the outer edge in.

Another option - have a triple layer disc, i.e. first two for blu-ray and a 3rd deeper layer for authentication. Either this or another type of CD for which there is no recordable equivalent of.

Alternatively - Bring back the game cartridges. They also had the advantage of being very robust, especially with children.

Sure, someone will manage to develop a mod chip to counteract these measures, but at least it doesn’t have this flaw where a key leak compromises the whole security.

The disc format wouldn’t of helped this time, allthough the fact that sony used bluray when bluray was brand new, probably helped keep the piracy at bay as long as it did.

The current hacks on the PS3 let people play off hard drives, so the disc format is now irrelevent. You don’t even need a bluray to play backups.

I’m going to argue the counterpoint. The Xbox took about a year before people could play backups (and microsoft never put out the xbox 720). The wii was hacked within months because it was old technology. The PS3 lasted about 3 years? That’s pretty damned good if you ask me. In the 21st century if your security experts can keep hackers at bay that long, you’re not doing too bad.

The other consoles are still making big bucks even though their compromised, I’m not sure why the article writer seems to think their needs to be a rush for the ps4.

Not to mentionion no one would buy a PS4, why would they? The PS3 hasn’t even reached its full potential. I remember reading that the PS3 was possibly going to receive a CPU add-on upgrade, doubt that now :frowning:

I really don’t understand why Sony should care. I have always resented this new attitude that consumers are the enemy ( and particularly the filesharing community) and think the real pirates who are selling copies illegally are the ones who are criminals, not the joe blow down the street who wants to avoid spending another 60 bucks if his favorite COD disk gets damaged. But if they are trading in volume then there is always a trail to follow to catch them. Most people are not going to put a whole lot of extra energy into playing a game if they can just buy a disk and be up and running. I really doubt the average person is going to have any clue at all where to begin altering the firmware of the device on their own. I am of the mind that you have to just accept that some losses will come from piracy but if you price the software reasonably many if not most people will buy it simply because its easier than trying to hack it or steal it. If they feel any urgency in the matter its only because they can’t stand the thought of even a penny getting away from them. If this is the concentration of their efforts on this “MINE! MINE! MINE!” mentality rather than focusing on how to create a desireable product that is affordable and accessible to enough people to sustain a profit then they are doomed to fail anyway.